6 days - 30h

In this official (#736) IFS  training you complete Level 3 in 1 week (6 days, 5hours each day):  
12-17 September 2021
The training will take place online, and will be led by Chris Burris

In Level 3 trainings programs, Level 2 graduates work intensively with fellow advanced practitioners to further develop their knowledge of IFS and hone their skills with its techniques.  You are a good fit for Level 3 if your goal is not only to become a better therapist, but also to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of one’s Trailheads, Therapist Parts, Blind spots, and IFS Practices for daily life. Identify and navigate the core concepts of IFS - such as Self energy,  unblending, and befriending - that contributes to the healing process.

  • Learn tested strategies in helping Critic Parts transform.

  • Develop enhanced skills in negotiating with entrenched Protectors

  • Increase skills in helping Exile Parts unburden

  • Create a comprehensive understanding or how Attachment Theory applies to the therapeutic relationship, healing, and the internal connection and harmony.

  • Explore advanced topics related to legacy burdens passed down to us and how IFS can transform these burdens.

The Level 3 format includes demonstration, experiential group exercise, large and small group discussion, extended medtiation, and intensive personal work.  Please see each training's website brochure for details.

Daily Schedule:
EST: 08.30am-11.30am - 60m Break-12.30pm-2.30pm 
GMT: 01:30pm - 4:30pm - 60m Break -  5:30pm-7:30pm 

Internal Family Systems is at the forefront of a movement toward a more collaborative therapeutic approach that relies on clients’ intuitive wisdom. IFS offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering view of human cognitive and emotional life and provides a dynamic therapeutic approach that allows both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur.

Chris Burris, LPC, LMFT, is a IFS Senior Lead Trainer for the IFS Institute. He has been an IFS Therapist since 1999 and is trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist. He utilizes mind/body approaches of therapy in alleviating traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety disorders. He has worked extensively with couples, families, teenagers, and children and is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. He is currently in Private Practice in Asheville North Carolina.

IFS Talks Podcast:  Befriending your inner critic

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tuition | Registration

This Training can only be attended by participants that complete an IFS-I L2 training.

Non-Portuguese candidates: 2100USD
Portuguese Candidates: 1800 USD

Full payment due until end July

Registrations contact:
+351 965522423

Notify: construtivistas@sppc.org.pt

Payment plans 
A  deposit of 500€ will secure your place.
Full payment due until end July.
For more details please contact us at construtivistas@sppc.org.pt

Cancellations: cancellations received 15 working days prior the first day of the event will receive a refund of registration fees less an administration charge of 20% of the event fee - only if your space can be filled. 
Cancellations made after are liable for the full registration fee.

Registering Participants

Abhiyana Singer
Annie Beach
Anna Brown
Anca Popa
Anita Orton
Carolina Abreu  - Portugal 
Caroline Strawson -
Ciara McGriskin -
Ellen Parkinson -
Elizabeth Parsons -

Irena Berlinska -
Jorge Fontinha - Portugal 
Karen David
Karla Amanda Brown
Katarzyna  Andrys
Kristine Anthis
Lena Suhaila -
Melissa Costa - USA
Mereten Gudrun - Denmark
Natasha Maher -

Niklas Thrane - Denmark
Pedro Morais - Portugal -
Raphaela Carriere - 
Ramona Havlat 
Robin  Beardsley - Canada
Sara Oliveira - Portugal -
Sandra Hailes - UK
Shannon Franco - USA
Sean Cuthbert -
Seonghee Son -

Stephen Brown -
Teresa Alfama - Portugal -
Vera Barroso - Portugal -




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