2 webinars 2 hours each
2 webinars 2 hours each

Grief and Loss at IFS Lens 
With Derek Scott

24th June - 9.30pm to 11.30pm GMT
8th July 2020 - 9.30pm to 11.30pm GMT

Teaching modalities:
Lecture, Demonstration, Experiential exercises 

Program Description
Who Grieves? How to support Grieving Parts in the face of Loss

Unlike other “issues” that our clients may present that may not be part of our experience, the universality of grief means that we will, inevitably, have parts triggered when our clients present with their responses to loss. Or we may be recently bereaved and still needing to work.

It behoves us to become more familiar with our own “grief cluster” that responds to losses. Our awareness of our own process brings us clarity in the face of triggers, enables us to support the parts in our own system, and affords us the capacity to hold more Self energy in the presence of grieving clients.

These 2 classes are an invitation to become aware of how the Internal Family System model maps onto loss.
It offers a mix of didactic and experiential opportunities to:

  • become more confident in working with many kinds of loss
  • integrate bereavement theory with the IFS model 
  • understand what makes grief unique as a process
  • explore how your personal loss History has informed your system
  • identify where and how is grief is held in your body 
  • connect with where your parts are now in relation to grief 
  • celebrate the legacy and gifts of connection
  • appreciate how IFS encompasses the Spiritual dimension of loss
  • learn how to apply this learning to Covid 19 losses
  • ask as many questions as you need
  • continue to develop community with other IFS-informed folk

Derek Scott is a registered social worker and certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist with an international online practice based near Toronto, Canada. He is the founder of IFSCA– an organization dedicated to bringing awareness of the IFS model to counsellors and therapists in Canada and beyond. Through IFSCA he offers courses teaching the IFS model online and in person at his retreat centre, Namaskar.
He has taken the highest level of IFS training (level three) 3 times. Derek has worked in the field of counselling/therapy for over 35 years, including 15 working exclusively as an IFS therapist and 18 years as an AIDS counsellor specializing in multiple loss. He is a popular guest lecturer in the department of Thanatology at the University of Western Ontario and has presented at numerous national and international conferences. His published work includes:  
“Self-led Grieving: Transitions, loss and Death” in Innovations and Elaborations in Internal Family Systems Therapy  Martha Sweezy and Ellen Ziskind, ed. Routledge 2017
“Healing through Internal Compassion” in Techniques of Grief Therapy Assessment and Intervention  Robert A. Neimeyer, ed. Routledge 2015
“Grief and the Internal Family System” in Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling.  Howard Winokuer PhD, Darcy Harris PhD, FT, Springer publishing company, 2012.
“Multiplicity and Internal Family Systems Therapy – A New Paradigm?” in Psychologica: Magazine of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. 2011
“Coming Out: Intrapersonal Loss in the Acquisition of a Stigmatized Identity”, in Counting Our Losses: Reflecting on Change, Loss, and Transition in Everyday Life. Darcy L. Harris, ed. Routledge. 2010


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Dates and Time | June & July

Dates: 24th June &  8th July 2020
Times: 9.30pm to 11.30pm GMT+1 (2h long)

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