Retreat workshop
10 day intensive training

This 10-day official intensive training programme teaches IFS therapists to deepen their knowledge and skills in relational work with couples and individuals. It will take place in March 18-22, and May13-17.

Basic Training is an experiential model of couple’s therapy that draws primarily from The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy, but includes aspects of psychodynamic theory, systems thinking, neuroscience and mindfulness practices. 

This model was born out of a desire to carry the concepts of IFS into a relational setting and to use the intimate relationship itself as a vehicle for growth and healing of the individual, as well as the couple.

The 72-hour clinical training helps therapists enhance their knowledge and skill, facilitating relational work with couples and with individuals. Therapists learn to work successfully with common difficulties in couples therapy. In this training IFS therapists become skilled at: (1) Working with the extreme impulses of protective parts; (2) Facilitating interpersonal and intrapsychic work; and (3) Assisting couples to communicate well and deepen heartfelt connection.

This course is open to IFS Level 1 graduates and is considered a Level 2 offering for The Center for Self Leadership: 72 hours of continuing education available.

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